About me :

Date of birth : March 21,1990

Marital state : single

Address : Isfahan University of Technology , Imam khomeini St , jomhoori Sq , Isfahan , Iran


Educations :


  • Membership of Young Researcher and Elite Club as a researcher, Islamic Azad University, Najafabaad Branch, Isfahan, Iran, 2016-current. 
  • Summer academy of Water and Environment in time of Global Change, Ostfalia university of applied science, Germany.
  • Student of master of science in chemical engineering, separation process, Isfahan University of Technology, 2013, GPA: 18.23/20 (United state grade point average :4/4)
  • Bachelor of science in chemical engineering, polymer science, Isfahan University of Technology, 2012, GPA: 16.52/20 (United state grade point average :3.55/4)
  • Pre-University certificate, Bagherfaani High-School, Kermanshah, 2008, GPA: 18.1/20
  • Diploma in math and physics , Bagherfaani High-School, Kermanshah, 2007, GPA: 17.3/20

Research Interests :

  • Gas separation process and purification
  • Simultaneous catalytic reaction alongside separation process
  • Adsorption and absorption techniques
  • Micro and Nanofluids and their application in heat and mass transfer enhancement